FGI Europe

Independent Advisors on Strategy and Crisis Response

FGI Europe (FGI) is an independent, global firm that advises clients on risk management, strategy, and crisis response, with a focus on the areas of business integrity and compliance, investigations and due diligence, and safety and security.

FGI specializes in advising corporate directors and management in responding strategically to North American, European, and international regulatory inquiries involving matters of heightened risk, sensitivity, and exposure. We support companies faced with serious legal, reputational, and regulatory challenges in rebuilding the confidence of their stakeholders and ensuring long-term sustainability.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and active since 2008, the firm draws on the expertise of a multidisciplinary professional team spanning twenty countries, including accountants, legal consultants, former law enforcement officials, forensic technology specialists, and security and compliance experts.

The firm’s leadership team includes a core group of experts who understand the evolving regulatory landscape. José R. Hernandez, Chairman and CEO of FGI Europe, specializes in providing crisis management and regulatory support to global organizations, especially in relation to fraud, corruption, and governance issues.